Black Silkie

Silkies are one of the oldest, most beautiful and unique breed of bantam chickens. They look much like animated powder puffs, Silkie bantam chickens are an ancient breed, originating from China. The great Venetian explorer, Marco Polo, upon his return from China, wrote about all the wonders he saw there in his Book, written in 1298-99. One of the wonders that he mentions were chickens that, have hair like cats, are black, and lay the best of eggs. He was writing about Silkies. Silkie bantam chickens are an affectionate, docile and trustful breed. They have dark blue or black skin, and feathers without the usual forms of webs. Because the feathers lack of adhesion of the barbs, they look like down or silky hair, giving the appearance of a rabbit or angora cat. Since silkies dont have usual feathers, they cannot fly at all, like some other chickens, so they are easily contained, And because of their docile nature, they make ideal pets for children in the country.
Silkies are great layers of fairly large sized bantam eggs, and will lay well into winter, when other breeds of chickens have quit. In fact, winters dont bother Silkies much, because their fluffy down coats, keep them warm.  Black Silkie Bantam black tinted, black feet and around eyes with a crest. come both bearded and non-bearded. Make good setters on all types of eggs. Lays a cream colored egg. They are very broody and often used as foster moms for other eggs. They are not weather hardy, either hot or cold. Silkies are a long-lived chicken, and stay beautiful, even when older.    


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